Night Ridin' EP

by The Precious Lo's & Tyler Smith

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The Precious Lo's & @Tyler Smith - Night Ridin’ EP

It was a match made in funk heaven - or in this case, Soundcloud - in what started as a mutual respect for each other’s music, eventually became a full fledged collaboration.

Nik T. from TPL first approached modern-funk junkie, Tyler Smith to rework "Fly Away" for their Remix EP and the result was a bonafied G-Funk Boogie anthem.

It wasn't long before Tyler asked TPL to return the favour. One track became two, and it quickly became obvious that they had an EP in their hands.

"He kept sending us beats. Some of the dopest 80s funk-influenced stuff we've heard to date!"

Nik and Gil have been steadily working on their first official album as The Precious Lo’s. However, they have over 100 releases under their Circle Research moniker, including three full length albums spanning over a decade. This EP marks the first project they didn't entirely self-produce.

"When Tyler sends a track, it already has all the parts laid out. It's a 'just add lyrics' scenario".

The result is a fresh take on the modern funk/boogie revival; complete with synthesizer solos and vocoder vibratos.


released April 26, 2016

Produced by Tyler Smith
Vocals by The Precious Lo's



all rights reserved


The Precious Lo's Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Night Ridin'
it's been a long long day
but a man has got to get paid

can't wait to see your face
Can't wait to get down to your place

cuz you're all mine and you're all fine
sexiest thang of all time

girl you know you got it goin on

one night without my pumpkin pie
is a night too much, i'd rather die

that's why i'm...

i'm night night ridin'
i'm night night ridin'

never felt so alivin
Becuz i'm night night ridin'

Fill up the tank with gas
Premium diesel nothin less

dem Dirty thoughts Fill up my mind again: Nothing but sex

Squeezin the nozzle far too hard and straight up made a mess

The moment you're in range with me
Nothin but Sweat



every time I close my eyes, all I can see are your sweet sweet thighs
Each and every passing light is one step closer to havin u my life again, until then you know I'm night night ridin’

Transmission in overdrive
Destination cloud 9
Both oscillators on maximum
You will soon be mine



U know I'm night Ridin girl
And I'm comin to rock your world

Cuz with everything going wrong in the world today
You're the only thing that makes sense to me

And as far as my swerving thru traffic to get to u
Well thats just how I'm livin

Cuz I'm comin for you baby
With only one thing in mind

Track Name: Without You
Everytime that you kiss my ears you’re always sending chills up my spine
And on the street when you hold my hand it tells me that you’re mine, all mine
Feels so good to have met someone that I can call my own
Girl, I know you’re the love of my life, so sing along

(Ahh) Can’t live without you
Without you, girl

(Ahh) Can’t live without you
Without you, girl

Ain’t a woman alive who can love me like you do
Ask my trusty old friend, and he’ll tell you that it’s true (it’s true)
Even straight OG’s need to retire some day (need to retire some day)
Boy, am I glad I found someone who’s going my way

Now my life is so complete (Ain’t nothin but ecstacy, when you’re laying next to me)
When we’re old and obsolete (It don’t matter where we’ll be, just as long as you’re with me, baby!)


I never knew or had someone like you
Must be a crime, you blow my mind, it’s true

I never knew or had someone like you
Must be a crime, you blow my mind, it’s true

Track Name: Still The Same
Six months since Valentine day
Seems like it was just yesterday

I didn't mean to hurt you so
But i understand you had to go

How could i ever neglect
The way you made me feel

I look back with no regrets
But one thing felt so real

If you're feelin lonely
Why don't call my name

And if you feelin horny
You know my numbers still the same

My numbers still the same
So Baby call my name
No, it never changed my numbers the same

Though I've been seeing someone else
I've still been workin on myself

Ice cream and shakespeare in the park
She's sweet but there just ain't a spark

How could i ever forget
The way you made me feel

We may not have been perfect
But one thing felt so real


If u still feel raw about it
If u wanna talk about it
U know my numbers still the same

If u need that good good lovin
If u wanna be startin somethin
U know my numbers still the same